The public perception of lawyers as win-at-all cost robots is not flattering to the profession. Fortunately, it isn’t the reality for many attorneys. Many strive to provide a client with exceptional service, focused on a client’s needs and understanding of their situation. We are one of those firms. Sure, lawyers want to win, and our firm is no exception. We want to win for you.

Some lawyers give lip service to expressing concern for their clients. We put that caring and concern into action. We open a clear line of communication between attorney and client so that we become fully informed about the facts and circumstances of your case. Then we use our expertise to apply the law to those facts to achieve justice for you. We promise to accomplish these things with every case we accept.

Ms. Roberts legal practice covers a range of topics in the law including immigration services, veterans services, criminal defense and family law. Whether you need a lawyer to handle a divorce or you want to appeal a decision by the government over immigrant status, call us today. If you reside in the Atlanta or Gwinnett County area, our firm will be there for you.