Family Law

Family LawTwo indispensable qualities make a great family attorney, compassion for people and a passion for the law. Aundrea L. Roberts will demonstrate these qualities in service to her clients when the end of a relationship is at issue. For Atlanta or Gwinnett Country area residents, Ms. Roberts will provide exceptional representation in divorce related matters.


In the emotionally charged arena of divorce law, the firm will seek to bring both parties together to negotiate a proper settlement without excessive conflict. However, as the firm’s client, you’ll deal from a position of strength. We will proceed with a full understanding of your needs and a complete picture of the relationship. This includes an accounting for assets and finances and liabilities. If the parties can’t reach a mutually beneficial arrangement, it may be necessary to head to court. Be assured that our attorney will vigorously pursue a verdict that is best for your future.


Whether through a negotiated settlement or a court decree, the law office of Aundrea L. Roberts is committed to getting you the support payments you deserve. Alimony isn’t just about finances. Georgia courts may consider how long you were married, whether you have some medical condition that impacts your ability to take care of yourself and even your emotional state. Once we sit with you and get a full understanding of your view of the marriage or relationship, we can battle for justice for you.

Child Custody

Georgia courts are most interested in what works best for the children when deciding custody cases. So does this firm. We will endeavor to show who is best capable of caring for the children, bringing to bear everything from expert testimony to character witnesses. It’s best if both parents can work out an agreement, and our firm can help. However, it may be necessary to litigate the matter. If so, Ms. Roberts will be there for you and the children.

Child Support

As with custody cases, the firm considers what is best for the children while understanding the client’s wishes. We will be a strong advocate to ensure the children get the support they deserve, financially and otherwise.


Our firm also handles probate matters like wills. Many people create their own documents; however, a professional should handle an ironclad, binding document to ensure your wishes are followed after you’re gone. We may help you avoid disputes over property or distribution of assets. Her skills can help avoid saddling your loved ones with debt, or tax problems. Our firm offers advice on how to handle assets that don’t pass through intestacy like retirement accounts or windfall from life insurance. Our attorney will gather a complete overview of your family circumstances and financial picture to make sure you help those you want to help after you’re gone.


Determining paternity can be an important factor in supporting children. Filing for an order of legitimation is how fathers can assert their parental rights for children born out of wedlock in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Our firm will assist in filing the paperwork with the court.

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