Immigration Law

Immigration LawThe act of coming to live and work in the United States faces increasing scrutiny in modern circumstances. Whether you want to become a US citizen or plan to bring over a family member to stay, you will need an immigration attorney who is competent in handling a variety of issues within immigration law. Our attorney will be a powerful advocate for your case, applying her wealth of knowledge in the field to the facts of your case.

Ms. Roberts is skilled in various issues, including:

Removal Proceedings

Fortunately, the hearing that will determine whether you should be asked to leave the United States for some violation is not as intimidating as the court scenes you may have seen on television or in the movies. The process is less formal; however, you have a great deal at stake, especially if you have been building your career in America or starting a family. These appear to be good enough reasons for a judge to allow you to stay. Unfortunately, they aren’t based on immigration law.

Our firm will present a sound legal defense to any attempted deportation. You may have been falsely or mistakenly accused of a crime, which the firm can help you prove. The firm may show you would face harm or persecution if you return to your home country and that you are eligible for asylum. Ms. Roberts may be able to convince the prosecutor of your good character and that you would be a fine addition to our roster of citizens.

Adjustments of status

We can help you to apply for an adjustment of immigration status if you’re already living here. If you have a family or employment based Visa petition in the works, you may be eligible. If you came to the US on a fiancée Visa and then married, the attorney can help. Refugees and others escaping oppressive regimes may also be eligible. There are several ways to be eligible for an adjustment of status; once we know of the facts around your entry into the US, we can get started on changing your status.


Those who have faced oppression or persecution in their home countries may be eligible to come to America to escape that situation. This office can help such persons determine eligibility, file the appropriate paperwork and help determine if you are eligible to work while the application goes forward.

Work authorization

You must have a certain status with Homeland Security to be eligible to work. The office of Aundrea Roberts can help you file the application and deal with any special circumstances specific to your case.

Removal of conditions

Marriage Visas bestow conditional residential status on immigrants that meet certain conditions. Our attorney will help you apply to have these conditions removed.

Fiancée Visas

This method of obtaining legal residential status is routinely obtained; however, problems may arise that our firm can help you sort out.

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