Veterans Legal Services

Veterans Legal ServicesSadly, some veterans who are disabled may find that the Veterans Association denies their request for disability benefits. However, all vets who are denied benefits have the right to appeal. Who you get to represent you in front of the Board of Appeals makes a significant difference. The Board of Veterans’ Appeals Annual Report for 2015 noted that Vets represented by an attorney were more successful in getting the denial overturned than any other group. Those vets who had a lawyer were also more successful at convincing the appeals board to ask the VA to look again at the case.

Aundrea L. Roberts is experienced in representing clients in disability cases, especially veterans. She will be a powerful advocate for anyone seeking to overturn a denial of veterans benefits thanks to her concern for the interests of those in need. She will get your side of the issue, look at the facts and apply the rules, regulations and laws regarding veterans’ benefits.

Veterans may face legal issues related to their military service. If you’re a veteran who received a bad discharge, you may appeal to have that discharge upgraded. You may even want to petition to change the reason for your discharge. Ms. Roberts is available to help veterans with this issue. You may be aware that a bad discharge may affect your ability to receive benefits from the government. If you’re so affected, don’t hesitate to call and request a consultation.

Veterans also face legal issues like regular civilians. The office of Aundrea L. Roberts will be there to offer services to veterans in need of legal representation for many issues, from criminal law to family law. If you found a potential life partner while serving overseas, Ms. Roberts can help with any immigration issues you may face. If you’re a veteran from the Atlanta or Gwinnett County area, call us today.